Hi. Andrew here,

Let me ask you a question


How much would poor listening cost you in your workplace? 

What's the cost of not adequately understanding job requests from your boss and upline? How about misinterpreting information from your work colleagues, employees or contractors? 

Or how about the cost of not being able to truly appreciate your clients' business needs?

And how about the cost to your family & social life?

What would be the toll on relationships with your family - your spouse, son or daughter, siblings or parents - if you regularly failed to focus on what they’re saying or got the wrong end of the stick?

And how much would friendships suffer if you always talked about yourself and neglected taking time to genuinely listen to your mates.

On the other hand...

How much will your work and personal life benefit from listening even better than you currently do? 

Think of:

  • Business deals absolutely nailed, with huge customer satisfaction.
  • Negotiations closed with stunning win-win outcomes.
  • Projects completed with minimal rework.
  • Relationships strengthened with deepening trust and respect as you pay genuine attention to the needs of your significant others.
  • Rich and meaningful discussions with your mates.

Active Listening is the Key

Several interpersonal communication skills are needed to minimise the above costly misunderstandings and to experience those wonderful benefits. But if you neglect your listening skills, you may as well dump all your other interpersonal efforts in the bin!

If you neglect your listening skills, you may as well dump all your other interpersonal efforts in the bin!

Listen well and we begin to truly connect with one another in conversation. Listen poorly and - at best - you and your discussion partner will just be talking at each other.

Active Listening is the foundational skill upon which every other interpersonal communication skill depends. 

In my own experience, every area of my life – personal, social and professional – has benefited from Active Listening. I use it constantly.

Now I want others to experience the transforming power of Active Listening in their lives too. 

So I’ve created a Bootcamp to pass on the Active Listening skills that are essential for good communication.

The Active Listening Bootcamp

Active Listening Made Easy

In this FREE online course I’ll introduce you to the Active Listening 5-Step Process that has dramatically improved all my discussions.

By The End of the Course

- You’ll have listening skills for truly understanding the information that clients, colleagues, friends and family share with you -

- You’ll be on the way to becoming a habitual listener. You’ll have started using Active Listening techniques automatically in all your discussions -

- You’ll be able to avoid those costly misunderstandings that put stress on your relationships -

Discussions will become more productive, cooperative (instead of combative) and even enjoyable.

Want to Avoid the Cost of Poor Listening

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign up

When you sign up you’ll get immediate access to all 14 lessons. 

Each lesson introduces you to another aspect of the Active Listening 5-Step process using descriptions, examples and practical strategies. 

Furthermore, every lesson ends with a challenge. Use them to practise the concepts you’ve just learnt before moving onto the next lesson. They are designed around well-recognised habit-forming techniques.

The lessons each take about 5-9 minutes to read, plus time for each challenge.

By the end of the course you’ll have started incorporating every part of the Active Listening process into your discussions.

Enrolling in the course also gives you access to the GLS email, which will help you to continue pressing forward in your listening journey, post-Bootcamp. 

In that email I share listening techniques & strategies, think pieces on being a better listener, notifications when I post new blog articles, and information about various paid and free listening resources that I believe will be helpful to your listening journey. You can always unsubscribe, but from the feedback, I think you'll enjoy it.

And yes… you can currently enroll for free. I’ve filled the course with high quality content. But it is a pilot course. So all I’m hoping in return is that you take the time to give me your feedback via the very short before and after surveys. Please help me make this an amazing listening course for transforming people’s work and personal relationships. Thanks heaps!

5 Big Benefits

  • Perspective-Taking

    The Bootcamp gives you the essential skills needed to understand every discussion topic from the speaker’s perspective. That is, the skills of clarifying, drawing out more information, and uncovering the speaker’s attitude towards the topic.

  • More Open-Minded

    The Bootcamp will make you more aware of your own biases and filters, which are limiting your ability to listen well.

  • Listening Will Be Second Nature

    Habit-forming exercises will increase your ability to automatically recognise and respond to opportunities to listen actively.

  • Conversational Influence

    ‘Listening first to understand the speaker’ will become your default position – a position of greater influence than doing most of the talking. You’ll be able to think through what you’re hearing, making your replies more deliberate and robust.

  • Connection & Trust

    People trust and connect more deeply with people who genuinely listen to them. The Active Listening Bootcamp will enable you to foster this deeper connection and trust.

Here's What's In The Active Listening Bootcamp

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Course
    • Before We Begin...
  • 2

    Module 1 - Here’s What Active Listening Can Do For You

    • Lesson 1 - Why Listen To Others?
    • Lesson 2 - The 5-Step Active Listening Process
    • Lesson 3 - Cognitive Empathy is Our End Goal
  • 3

    Module 2 - The 5-Step Active Listening Process

    • Lesson 1: Step 1 - Keeping An Open Mind
    • Lesson 2: Step 2 - Listening for Total Meaning
    • Lesson 3: Step 3 - Seek More Information
    • Lesson 4: Step 4 - Feeding Back to the Speaker
    • Lesson 5: Step 5 - Utilise Your Understanding
    • Lesson 6: Active Listening In Real Life
  • 4

    Module 3 - Next Steps...

    • Bringing It All Together
    • More Resources for You
    • Before you go...

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